OJW Mission Kingdom

Raising Awareness of the Kingdom of God Worldwide

Where Am I?

This is the beginning of a journey from wherever you are, spiritually, towards being a self-confident, knowledgeable and effective witness to the presence and glory of God.

What will Mission Kingdom do for me?

Mission Kingdom will help you to learn to proclaim the good news of God’s Kingdom.    Thus you will reliably see its signs and wonders as it moves forward with    you, in a developing working partnership with the living and active God.

Who does the teaching?

As one of a team of trained OJW Mission Kingdom teachers, Revd Mike Endicott takes a fresh look at the Kingdom of God. He is a well-respected international Bible-based speaker and writer, raising awareness of the Kingdom of God around the world.

Here is the key to restoring God’s own magnetism in the church today. Everyone should seek it, to find the benefits of the grace and mercy of God for themselves and for those around them.

The vision here is to equip teachers to teach teachers to teach teachers worldwide. In this way, appreciation of the Kingdom of God cascades and spreads, bringing the signs and wonders of the Kingdom across a needy world.

OJW's Kingdom Teach a Teacher Programme

For Church Leaders, group leaders and anyone teaching or wanting to teach the Kingdom of God.

Teach a Teacher is a series of private tutorials with individuals – with an OJW trained teacher, arranged to suit your convenience.

The Kingdom Adventure

A series of multi-media small group studies for friends and colleagues to study together.

View read and chat – grow in our understanding of an abundant and miraculous life in the Kingdom of God

candle in pot image from teach a teacher

Modern Parables

A collection of YouTube videos of modern parables used in the Teach a Teacher programme.


Our growing international group of no-subscription Alongsiders keeps us abreast of experiences of God’s Kingdom around the world.

A mission kingdom women’s prayer group of alongsiders

Stay Tuned

Quick scripture thoughts each day, helping to keep you tuned to kingdom life


Everyday questions and straightforward answers on life in the Kingdom.

The Magnetic Church

Setting God ‘free’ to draw them in.