mike endicott

Mike Endicott

Revd Mike Endicott is an internationally renowned writer and speaker on many aspects of life in the kingdom of God. Having spent twenty-five years teaching and preaching the kingdom of God around the world, he now devotes much of his time to teaching those seeking a deeper spiritual life.
Through kingdom teaching we learn to know the reality of God’s presence, together with his Gifts and riches. All this is freely offered to all of us during our lifetime, through the self-emptying cross of his son Jesus Christ.
In his kingdom we are enabled to live as friends with him in spirit and partners with him in service, both to him and to the world.
“Everyone is invited,” says Mike, “ to journey the path that Jesus Christ has cleared for us — to live in God’s kingdom each day with him.
We need,” says Mike, “to rediscover the heart of kingdom living: the telling of its good news; an atmosphere of faith; practical obedience to God’s word; praise and worship; the Lordship of Jesus, in whom the love and the will of the Father are revealed.”