The Spirit Moves

Acts 4:29-30:
[The Disciples] “Now, Lord, consider their threats and enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness. Stretch out your hand to heal and perform miraculous signs and wonders through the name of your holy servant Jesus.”

2024, January – June

This prayer is being fulfilled today. Biblical teaching on the Kingdom of God is being built into a Teach a Teacher Programme, a series of weekly personal tutorial sessions over 3 months that equips participants to boldly pass along the original Good News of the Kingdom of God. God himself is then disseminating that message through existing networks of pastors already embedded in local cultures, making disciples around the nations, e.g:

In Uganda’s 3 Refugee Camps (Approx. 750,000 in all, mainly Congolese) Kingdom teaching in these 6 months has grown the Christian teaching from 60 into 600 house groups of 20 each. The Holy Spirit moves.

Back home in the DRC (the Congo) the Kingdom message has spread in these same 6 months, to form a further 800 House groups of 20 each. So that’s 1,400 groups across the two countries teaching 28,000 people. In this same timeframe we have already baptised 269 people. A further 600 are awaiting baptism. The Holy Spirit moves.

After evening classes sharing Kingdom and Cross with 70 volunteering police men and women at their Police Chief’s invitation, our pastors were asked enthusiastically to carry the message of Kingdom and Cross into the main city prison (3,200 inmates). Here there are now 64 house groups of 1,200 people in all. That figure is 37.5% of the local prison population and rising. Then, via the prison criminal network, House groups are starting up inside other prisons across the Congo.

Our local pastors have consequently been invited to teach Kingdom and Cross into some of the 100 warring militia groups and drug Cartels in the Congo tribal lands – heralding the Gospel directly into a long history of hatred and violent atrocities. As a direct result of the teaching, militia leaders are beginning to repent, asking for God’s forgiveness, accepting Christ and promising God and each other to work for reconciliation. A further 150 house groups are coming into reality. God’s peace is descending.

This work is also starting to spread through the indigenous peoples of western Canada and Australia, street ministry in Houston TX, study groups in Australia, with church leaders in New Zealand shortly to join in and, hopefully, a fruitful mission trip to South Africa in August 2024.

We are very honoured to be a small part of all this as it spreads through the nations.

You, too, are encouraged to join the Teach a Teacher team. Enquiries to

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