If I get ill again, can I be healed more than once?

Of course this is very possible.
Nowhere did Jesus check any supplicant’s past medical history before healing a sickness.
He never withheld his gifts of grace on the grounds that someone had been ill before.
There must have been many in the multitudes who were going back for a second shot at being healed, not because the first attempt had failed but because the sickness had re-appeared. Jesus did not discriminate; he healed them all.
This should not surprise us. If we catch a cold one winter and are healed by a combination of our in–built healing resources and prayer, we may still catch another cold next winter!
The fact that a particular sickness can happen more than once in our lives is not some fault in the one who prayed nor in the process of divine healing.
To be sick we usually need to be presented with two separate things: a weakness and a trigger. Weakness plus trigger equals illness.
Particular weakness may be inherited (our scientists are discovering this more and more) or it may be present in our bodies through injury, the leading of stressful lifestyles and so on.
Triggers are such things as germs, seeds, head–on collisions with harder objects, insufficient sleep, etc.
The range of weaknesses is too vast to be easily discernible, and the range of triggers is endless.
Our susceptibility to all these things is probably the result of the fall of man into sin, sickness and death. Into this mess flows the river of God’s healing power, released at the moment of Jesus’ death and, because he now lives and reigns in heaven, continuing to flow without ceasing.
The river knows no limits.
It makes no judgements and has no conditions.
It simply flows.
God’s mercy flow never ceases—it never even pauses for breath, so to speak!
If illness re–emerges, we retreat to God’s river bank again, giving glory to the God who cannot help but love us, and there he heals us once more.