Can I work a miracle?

Yes and no.
Yes, if we are prepared to do it God’s way and no, not on Our own.


All good miracles are worked through the power of God. Most often, he works them through people. So, how can he work through me?
To work a miracle we have to be working in partnership with God. That working partnership looks like this:-

God’s business; he has all the authority and power needed to work miracles.
God’s business; he is always close at hand..
Our part of the deal; we have to tell people the good news of the nearness of his kingdom.

And we have to play our part with at least a mustard seed of trust in God that, if we do our part then he does his.

We need to tell people who need help about what the kingdom is designed to do and what makes it easy for God to extend it into the problem at hand. We need to tell them about the reliability of Jesus today and the flow of grace through the cross.
The power of God is in the message of the cross.

We do all this to raise the levels of trust both in ourselves and in the one needing help.