Blessed are the Poor in Spirit

Matthew 5:3-12

In the various societies where the Apostles were preaching their new message, the State Religion wasn’t at all being the medicine of the sick, the comfort and strength of the weary,, the enlightening of the ignorant, the strength of the sinner: it was the privilege of the healthy and the well educated. The sick and the ignorant were excluded because they were thought of as being sinners, under the control of evil demons.

‘This people which know not the law are accursed,’ was the common belief of both Jews and Greeks. The philosophers spoke only to the well-off, the intellectual and the pure. Only those who appeared to have clean hands and doctrinally sound’ understanding were invited to consider these ‘mysteries’.

It was a constant attraction to unbelievers that the Christian’s message was to the sick and the sinful.

Let’s learn how to do this? Let’s throw our weight behind this holy trend!

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