Is God Reliable?

The miracles of Jesus, together with the huge and untapped benefits of his death on the cross, are a focused reflection of God’s heart for his hurting children.
He has decided already what his will is on the matter; and that will is clearly shown in the character and ministry of his Son, Jesus. He was always willing to mend everyone and this consistent and reliable disposition is a reflection of the Father’s heart towards everyone of us.
If we believe that we must discover God’s potentially differing will from situation to situation, then we have not yet seen clearly enough that God has already revealed his will in his Son. Anyone thinking that they must determine the will of God afresh as to whether he will or not help us will have problems maintaining any sort of consistent kingdom ministry. The implicit belief that God’s will might change, depending on the individual case, only serves to produce doubt in the hearts of everyone involved, interfering with the consistent flow of beneficial results.
Christians need to cultivate a much more Christ–centred view of the flow of his Grace . Be assured that all who came to Jesus received from him. God’s will on the matter has been settled in heaven and revealed in his Son.