How can we get more people into church?

There is a positive way by overcoming the great Gap — it is our own lack of magnetism. What gap?

The Christian church tends to blame the secular world for their shrinking but that way of thinking has no future. Jesus himself was amazingly magnetic, attracting crowds in their thousands. The early church, too, was amazingly magnetic, attracting crowds in their thousands. It grew and grew until, after two hundred years or so, it completely overcame the power of the entire Roman Empire.
So, what is this amazing magnetism today? Many churches know of a weaker magnetism that draws one or two to Christ, now and again. Surprisingly it is not quite what we might think. It is not the music or the miracle working or the web presence or the sharing of secular interests or the    friendliness or the welcome. It is only one thing; it is the tangible presence of God amongst his people.
Theologically his presence is always with us — but do the people around us ever notice it? How can we change that for the better? There is only one way and it is the way that Jesus taught his disciples to do it; to proclaim the nearness of the kingdom of God.
Believe it, trust the kingdom and trust the king, be bold in proclamation and watch God go to work as he proves to those around you that you are right!